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Estate Planning Strategies

Protect those you care about with estate planning strategies. 

Avoiding estate planning can be risky. Regardless of your age or life stage, you need to consider who you want making decisions on your behalf if you pass away or are incapacitated. Take the necessary steps to minimize how much of your assets go to the government and maximize what goes to your loved ones. The goals of estate planning are to provide for financial security in life and to exert control and maximize the estate for family and other heirs following death.

A solid estate plan can help you attain your estate planning goals and objectives. To fully leverage estate preservation opportunities and develop strategies to help achieve distribution objectives, we consider:

  • Your goals and feelings
  • Your potential beneficiaries
  • Will and trust design strategies
  • Property ownership alternatives
  • Estate tax reduction techniques
  • Insurance analysis/enhancement
  • Qualified plan distribution alternatives
  • Family-gifting strategies
  • Charitable intent and goals

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