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Working Together

None of us are meant to navigate our financial journey alone.

Sound financial health. It takes in-depth analysis. It takes careful planning. It takes solutions, tailored to help meet your unique requirements. Your financial future is our priority – we’ll work alongside you to help meet your income, retirement, financial, investment, estate, education funding, charitable and other goals.

  • Retirement Planning: Financial independence at retirement is a goal that many of us desire but rarely plan for adequately. Together, we can help you toward achieving and maintaining your lifestyle in retirement. You’ll have the flexibility to select and reposition your money to satisfy ever-changing personal and economic conditions – with us always there to offer guidance and take action.

  • Income Planning: Years ago, most people could count on receiving generous pension and Social Security checks when they retire. Those days are dwindling. One of the biggest challenges for today’s retirees is setting up their accounts and investments in a way that will provide dependable streams of retirement income. You’ll have a sense of security with us helping to develop a plan to help manage your assets, maximize tax advantages and take timely distributions for yourself and those you care about most.

  • Financial Planning: You need a sophisticated, innovative financial planning approach that gives you the power to chart your own future financial course. Our proprietary Financial Condition Model will revolutionize your thinking and take the guesswork out of financial planning for your future. Let us help you get a head start on your financial future or make the most of what you have today.

  • Investment Planning: Our role is to be your advocate throughout investment planning -design a diversified portfolio, control costs, be tax efficient and manage risk. Overall, your investment plan should be diversified toward achieving your targets. That's because no single type of investment performs best under all economic conditions. We will develop a plan and work the plan together.

  • Estate Planning Strategies: When we are gone there are three places our money and estate can go: family, charity or the government. Your goals and feelings will be our priority as we explore strategies for potential beneficiaries, property ownership alternatives, estate tax reduction techniques, insurance analysis, qualified plan distribution alternatives, family-gifting, charitable planning and more.

  • Education Funding Planning: The investment return on an advanced education may be the best return of all. Paying for a child or grandchild's college education is an expensive proposition, but not an impossible one. With the appropriate strategies, you can go a long way toward meeting this challenge whether the child is in preschool, high school or considering graduate school.

  • Business Owner Planning: If you're a business owner, you face a plethora of financial decisions on a daily basis all while trying to build a business and become financially secure. Let us help you ease your worries and increase your financial wellbeing by staying on top of the current financial situation and laws, including regulations, taxes, employee benefits, and more; identifying actions and then making them happen.

  • Charitable Planning Strategies: Many of our clients have chosen to support a charity, an alma mater, their church, the symphony, or focus on cancer research, heart disease, or so many other worthwhile causes. Some also express interest in contributing more now or later at their passing. We are honored and qualified to explore strategies that reflect their desires while being smart about leverage, impact, and taxes. We admire those who want to leave a legacy through financial generosity during their lifetimes or upon their passing. We’ll work with you to explore numerous giving options in the area of charitable planning, including new and tried-and-true strategies to positively affect your community.

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