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About Master Your Financial Success

An Amazon Best Seller, Master Your Financial Success brings you insights into the most significant areas of your Financial Life. Paul Gydosh and Paula Tarpey collaborated with industry peers to co-author this book to guide you through your toughest, yet most fulfilling retirement, family and legacy decisions.

The goal of the book is to give back by sharing tips and the knowledge they’ve gained over their decades of experience in financial planning.

You’ll immediately benefit by learning from other’s real-life experiences on:

  • Income Distribution and Strategies for Retirement
  • Sheltering Income and Assets from Unnecessary Taxes
  • Preserving Family Stewardship and Family Wealth
  • Understanding the Economics of Life Insurance
  • Planning Considerations Specific to Business Owners and Executives
  • Developing an Impactful Charitable Giving Strategy

The counsel in this book comes from the collective wisdom and time-tested advice employed by the 14 authors who represent some of the brightest minds in the Financial Planning community. They collaborate by using best practices and the most effective and urgent planning techniques for the ultimate benefit of each unique client. They choose to work and live by the Linoln Financial Adviors philosophy of “Serve First, Serve Last and Serve Always.” 

About Paul and Paula’s Chapters

In Chapter 4, “Advanced Planning for Senior Executives,” Paul Gydosh discusses some of the biggest questions senior executives have about their financial futures. In Chapter 3, “Financial Planning for Today’s Unique Family,” Paula Tarpey looks at how today’s new family dynamics and structure have a big impact on financial planning. If you’re interested in a copy, send us a note and we’ll get one to you or download our featured chapters below.

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Paul Gydosh Dedication

The ultimate reward of my career is serving clients and sharing in their life journey. I hope this book serves as an inspiration to financial professionals to serve clients with excellence and passion and provides insight to any reader to live life fully and be responsible stewards of their wealth. I dedicate this book to my mentors, my peers, my clients and my family for providing me the opportunity and the skills to serve others throughout my career.

My mentor, Gary Giller provided me the opportunity, then the pathway to follow. My business coach, Bob Teichart, continues that guidance to this day – having the uncanny ability to help one know oneself, and do more good as a result. My business partner, Paula Tarpey, for her energy, attitude, and ownership in all that she does. And our dedicated team at Kensington Wealth.

To my fellow members of The Resource Group, the true elite of our industry, with their passion for excellence and service to clients. And, the leadership of John DiMonda and David Berkowitz. And, of course, to my co-authors who I respect as true professionals and dear friends. And, finally, my wife, Carol, and daughters, Paige and Carly, for their love and support every single day.

Paula Tarpey Dedication

Financial planning, as we define it, is all about sharing and caring. Sharing knowledge and gaining understanding. Then caring deeply in the lives of each client we serve to cause action to help them achieve their life goals.

I feel so lucky to be part of their lives and see their dreams become reality. It is my hope that our work has allowed them to sleep better at night. My relationships with our clients have certainly enhanced my life each and every day.

I want to thank Paul Gydosh, my partner, for taking me into his practice those many years ago – and sharing his knowledge and passion for life and serving others. It is a privilege to be a partner of this practice and I for one am forever grateful. We truly enjoy working with each other every day.

Writing this book has been inspiring and a chance to share in the good work my fellow co-authors are doing across the country to help families live their best lives.

This book is dedicated to my family. My parents taught me a strong work ethic that I apply to everything I do. They told me stories of my grandparents who worked hard to provide for their families in good times and bad – putting the needs of the family first.

I would also like to thank my husband Steve, and my children, Nick and Lauren, for their love and support. They have taught me patience, to enjoy the journey of life, and to laugh at myself once in a while.

Table of Contents



Chapter One: Retirement is a New Dawn!
Briggs A. Matsko & Jeffrey R. Maas

Chapter Two: Financial Stewardship
Douglas E. Knable & Kelly L. Kennedy

Chapter Three: Financial Planning for Today’s Unique Family
Paula D. Tarpey

Chapter Four: Advanced Planning for Senior Executives
Paul A. Gydosh, Jr.

Chapter Five: Generation Wealth Planning
Craig C. Bartlett

Chapter Six: Creative Strategies to Preserve Family Wealth
Philip G. Moshier

Chapter Seven: Considerations for a Business Owner
Michael McFeeley

Chapter Eight: Investing Demystified
Alex Harrison

Chapter Nine: Corporate Retirement Plans—Make Sure It’s a Good Fit
J. Louis McCraw & Tyler R. McCraw

Chapter Ten: Using Life Insurance in Financial Plans
Derek B. Ferriera

Chapter Eleven: Charitable Planning Strategies
J. Todd Anderson

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